Coaching is essentially about helping you to determine and achieve your goals; to gain clarity about what you want and plan how to get there. 

We offer executive coaching, ‘regular’ career coaching (for budding or non executives), and life coaching – which often (but not always) includes conversations about career, particularly when someone feels they are in the wrong job. We know from experience that being in a job which doesn’t allow you to use your talents, or where the culture clashes with your values, can be incredibly stressful - and that gaining clarity about what you want, taking a brave decision and changing direction can be scary, but also hugely liberating.

Some people find that a couple of coaching sessions are all that they need. Others find a package of 6 to 12 sessions would be more appropriate – everyone is unique, hence we tailor our approach to suit you.

All of our coaches are highly experienced and have worked with senior executives to young people. We’ll challenge, stimulate and support you to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, and we’re pretty sure you’ll find the experience to be a valuable investment.   

If you'd like to know more, please contact us to discuss your requirements or to book a free consultation. We offer an online service or face to face in Edinburgh / East Lothian and London (on a less regular basis, often combined with online).